Who we are

Market Intelligence Provider

IT Data is a market intelligence company founded in Brazil in 2005. For the past decade we have played an important role in the local technology market, providing more than 300 corporate clients with market analysis reports, custom research, consultancy, and various other services.

Local Market Expert

Our team is composed exclusively of experienced analysts and senior consultants conducting operations in Brazil. With in-depth knowledge of the country’s business culture and dynamics as well as its economic and political factors and challenges, we are equipped to provide our clients with precise and insightful information.

Strategic Partner

We are committed to developing long-term partnerships with our clients. To achieve this goal we focus our resources on fulfilling our clients’ specific objectives with affordable products and services that are supported by high quality information and developed using flexible and modern research methodologies.

What we do

Market Research

IT Data continuously analyzes several different markets, and publishes monthly and quarterly reports on our findings. Our market research reports provide data on market sizing, market shares, demand and trend analyses, stakeholder strategies, recommendations and forecasts, in addition to other strategic information.

Custom Research & Consultancy

IT Data develops custom market analyses of specific topics, industries, niches, companies, and products and services, all according to our clients’ needs. These reports are exclusive to the purchasing company and are not marketed by IT Data to other clients. Reports may be updated monthly or quarterly.

Marketing Services

IT Data offers other marketing services, including, but not limited to:

  • Distribution channels analysis and partner recruiting
  • Targeted email marketing to current or potential partners and channels
  • Online surveys using a proprietary platform